Norman Moglia“Since I am diabetic with peripheral neuopathy, my doctor wrote a prescription for therapy with Troxell & Mohr where a computer balance master plus the expertise staff has greatly improved my walking…I’m now taking much less insulin, I can feel my feet, sock, shoes, and most importantly, the gas and brake pedals when driving!”

Norman Moglia

Ralph Seltz“I was using a walker after my total knee replacement. After only one week of physical therapy, I was using a cane. After just two weeks of physical therapy I got rid of the cane. My strength, flexibility, and balance improved over the next month. I am now dancing with my wife and mowing the lawn.”

Ralph Seitez

Sharon Lindsey“After 14 years of back pain I can now return to the physical activities I used to enjoy. The staff at Troxell & Mohr PT made all my visits a pleasure.”

Sharon Lindsey

Johnie Seitez“I came into physical therapy with back pain, muscle spasms and severe sciatica leg pain. I was unable to walk without a cane and could not sleep at night due to the pain. After six treatments at Troxell & Mohr PT, my back and leg pain are gone.”

Johnnie Seitez

Salvador Chia“I had severe back pain for over one year. I was unable to work due to back pain and leg pain. Now I have finished the back program at Troxell & Mohr and I am pain free.”

Salvador Chia